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There are lots of common challenges that master students face during their studies. Most of the people come from different backgrounds and universities with different things that they have learnt. However there are lots of academic life soft skills that no one ever teaches them systematically. I also faced these challenges all the time thinking if there was a guide for that before I would have been much further in my progress.

Some important questions to answer:

  • How important are my courses?
  • Apart from passing courses, is there anything else I can do during the first year?
  • How to find a perfect Internship project and place?
  • How to find the subject for my thesis?
  • How to write the thesis?
  • How to make a research question?
  • How to write a paper even?
  • How do I know if I like academia or I want to work?
  • How to hunt a nice PhD position?

That is why I though if there has not been such guide, then maybe someone should start it! So, there you go :)

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Prospective Master applicants of CIMeC

If you are interested in applying for Cognitive Science master program in CIMeC, first completely read the descriptions on the official program website, ask your official questions from the authorized personell (mcs@unitn.it). If you had doubts or needed advice from people who study this program or have graduated from it, you could check out the dedicated Facebook Group, or use the form below to contact us.

Please note that we do not by any means or in any form represent the university of Trento or the Center for mind/brain sciences (CIMeC) and the information you receive on this website, and responses you get contacting us are only personal reflections of individual people.


This guide system is my pay back to all the kind opportunities I have had from my family, teachers, institutions which help me to grow. Here I try to fill in the gaps I felt during my own growth and progress. Things that if I knew about before hand, could boost my outcomes.

I intend that this becomes a collaborative platform for primarily CIMeC Cognitive Science master students where seniors can share their experiences and maturate a comprehensive guide of maybe video lectures and written documents of how to deal with all the life stuff as a new hatched academic chick.

Seek Guide?

If you need guide in any sense for your academic life (like really any sense) Feel in the form of FAQ. We will try to provide answers together.

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Do not hesitate to become a collaborator. For that, just easily Contact Us and we'll tell you how to gift your information to everyone.

"I hope that some day it will become a useful thing for young people and they become happier in life!"